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"If you've tried everything and are tired of searching for a weight-loss solution, Dr. Emran unlocks the secret to sustainable and achievable results!"
-Kara Steck, founder, Accelerated Results Institute

"Dr. Emran writes from the heart! If your goal is to lose weight, the four keys will open your gateway to success."
-Karen Warren Locklear, author of Freedom From Obesity
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Tell Your Genes to Release Excess Body Fat Forever!!!
Are you sick and tired of trying diet after diet or program after program just to lose a few pounds... only to gain it all back? 

Do you feel like you're making the right decisions but still can't get rid of that stubborn body fat? 

Have you given up hope that weight loss is even possible for you?

Well there's some great news! It's probably NOT your fault.

The fact is, we all have a "fat gene" that can be turned on or off (by signals in our diet, behavior, and environment) and tells our body to put on or release extra fat. You may be doing all the right things to lose weight but your body is secretly receiving signals to do just the opposite

If you want to finally achieve the health you desire, join Dr. Emran as he takes a deep dive into the hidden triggers that cause weight gain and explains how to Silence Your Fat Gene. This book will help you to:  
  • Identify the hidden triggers in your daily environment that secretly tell your body to pack on extra weight.
  • Learn how to easily and consistently put your metabolism into overdrive so you become a 24/7 fat-burning machine.
  • Discover how we unknowingly put ourselves in a perpetual fat-gaining cycle and what you can do to break free!
  • Counter the seasonal changes that trigger weight gain in your body, ensuring that you stay lean and fit all year.
Failure Is Not An Option When It Comes To Losing Weight...
When You Know How Your Fat Genes Work!

Not only do we all have the "Fat Gene," we all have several of them and they're 
in each and every cell of our body!

Certain foods, exposures, deficiencies and activities all can impact whether these genes get turned on. Once we know we can turn our fat genes on like a light switch, it becomes possible to turn them off again.

Regardless of where you are with your weight management situation, this book can help.
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About Dr. Mohammad Emran
Dr. Mohammad A. Emran is a board certified general and pediatric surgeon who specializes in helping adults and adolescents overcome obesity. 

He's also an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, public speaker and educator, and weight loss expert as well as the founder of SpringCure, an online-based weight loss company dedicated to helping adults struggling to lose weight overcome their challenges and experience a life of great health and vitality. 

He's been involved in helping individuals lose significant weight and radically transform their lives for nearly two decades.
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Inside Of This FREE Book, Here Are A Few Of The Things That You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • How I uncovered the "fat gene" while helping a patient struggling to lose weight. Pg. 14
  • How do our "fat genes" actually work and what does that mean for you. Pg. 18
  • How do we begin modifying our fat genes to begin losing weight. Pg. 21
  • Discover how our bodies are signaled to gain weight by different triggers in our environment. Pg. 27
  • Which season of the year contributes to more weight loss than any other. Pg. 31
  • The top 5 major risks for weight gain. Pg. 62
  • The unknown fatty foods that can actually help you lose excess weight instead of gaining it. Pg. 72
  • Discover which previously believed health drinks actually cause you to gain fat. Pg. 101
  • Learn which toxins in your environment you should watch out for that are telling your body to hold on to excess fat longer. Pg. 139
  • The magic temperature threshold for your home to boost your weight loss. Pg. 193
  • Special Bonus Offer: Fat Gene Trigger Guide and Worksheet. Pg. 210
  • The top 11 weight gain warnings everyone struggling to lose weight should know. Pg. 215
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